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Bartz in Dissidia

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Bartz Klauser will make an appearance as one of the 10 heroes in Dissidia, representing Final Fantasy V. He is a twenty-year-old wanderer with a fear of heights, and becomes entangled in the quest to protect the Crystals when he helps Princess Lenna and Galuf escape a goblin-filled area on their way to the Wind Shrine. Bartz is connected to the element of Wind.

Bartz was born in the small town of Lix to Dorgann Klauser, one of the Warriors of Dawn from the second world, and a local woman named Stella (her maiden name is unknown). Stella died of an unknown illness when Bartz was three (she said that she had been suffering from spasms, and collapsed after walking offscreen), leaving him to be raised by his father. Dorgann died when Bartz was seventeen, and it is implied from his dying wish to be buried in the village that he died outside of the village. His parting advice to his son was to wander the world.


Exdeath in Dissidia

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untitledThe Evil Lord Exdeath from Final Fantasy is making an appearance as one of the 10 villains in Dissidia . Exdeath is a powerful warlock, would-be ruler of a parallel world, and the antagonist in Final Fantasy V. Exdeath was originally a single tree deep in the Moore Forest, which the people of that world had used to seal countless demons and evil spirits in for centuries, until about 30 years ago, when the tree developed its own sentience from all the evil it had contained and assumed a human-like form. After being defeated by the four Dawn Warriors (Galuf, Xezat, Dorgann, and Kelger), Exdeath was imprisoned within the first world, sealed by the power of the crystals, some 30 years before the events in the game. At this time, he shatters the four crystals one by one, just before the heroes are able to save them. After the fourth crystal is destroyed, Exdeath is released and returns to his (and Galuf’s) home world. Here, he returns to his castle. Bartz, Lenna, and Faris are captured shortly after warping to his world. They are used as hostages to keep Galuf and his army from attacking. It is protected by a powerful barrier that is generated by four towers surrounding the castle; Exdeath activates the barrier while the four are on the Big Bridge, which catapults them to Gloceana and would have killed any of Galuf’s soldiers on the bridge. To attack the castle and defeat Exdeath, the heroes must destroy one of the towers to disable the barrier. In Exdeath’s world, the four crystals are contained in the Elder Tree in Moore Forest. Exdeath destroys these crystals, because they are holding the two worlds apart, as they were once a single world, but were separated. He kills Galuf, who tries to defend the crystals and his friends. By doing so, the two worlds recombine, and Exdeath gains access to the power that was sealed by the separation of the worlds, the Void. He utilizes this power to great destruction, effectively annihilating Tycoon Castle, Lix, and other locations. When the Warriors of Dawn challenged him, he attempted to use the Void on them. However, in the ensuing fight, in which Exdeath reveals his true form as a tree, Exdeath became a victim of his own instrument. He emerged as Neo Exdeath, a chaotic vessel of the Void itself composed of the various evils that gave Exdeath life protruding from its body. Now nothing more than a host to the very power he sought, Neo Exdeath desired to turn all to nothingness, presumably so that it, too, could disappear. But the warriors destroyed Neo Exdeath, recreating the four crystals that restored all the damage caused by the Void.

Bleach 95: “The Ultimate Union! Pesche’s Seriousness” released!!!

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Bleach 95: The Ultimate Union! Pesche’s Seriousness

Neliel finishes calling out her sword, Gamuza, and transforms into a white centaur. Meanwhile, Pesche Guatiche and Dondochakka Bilstin fight Szayel, using their Bawabawa. Pesche takes out his sword, Ultima, as he lands a strike on Szayel. As the fights go on, Dondochakka takes out his club to help out. Pesche and Dondochakka use their ultimate attack, “cero sincrecito”, a combination of Dondochakka and Pesche’s cero. While out in the desert, Ichigo is getting severely beaten by Tesla, who called out his sword, Verruga, and transformed into a minotaur type creature. Right before Telsa deals the final blow to Ichigo, Captain Kenpachi Zaraki saves him.

Naruto Shippuden 85 released!!!

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Naruto Shippuden 85: The Terrifying Secret

Shikamaru realizes Kakuzu has five hearts, which enables him to survive otherwise fatal wounds, and he must be killed five times before he dies. He states that in order to be able to defeat the Akatsuki members, he must first draw Hidan away, and uses Shadow Possession Jutsu to lead him to a forest. Kakuzu launches a combined fire and wind jutsu on Kakashi, then pins him down and prepares to take his heart. At the same time, Hidan apparently cuts Shikamaru on the cheek and prepares to use his ritual to kill him by stabbing himself.